Do I need to Register to place an Order?

How much are the Shipping charges?

What is the estimated time of delivery?

How will the the Gift Voucher be delivered?

What is the validity of Gift voucher purchased online?

Where all are these Gift vouchers accepted?

Do you deliver to locations outside India?

What payment option do I have?

How do I cancel my order?

How do I return a voucher?

What do I do incase I receive a spoiled or torn voucher?

What is e-Gift Card?

What is Super Card?

How can I use Super Card to purchase online?

Can I use multiple Super Card for single order?

Will the Super Card be accepted at Retail outlets?

How do I track my order?

Will the Gift Voucher be gift wrapped?

Do you send a Sales Invoice with the order?

Can I buy in Bulk?


Do I need to Register to place an Order?

GiftCardsIndia.in aims to provide a convenient shopping experience and hence we believe that customers need not spend time on registering themselves. All we need is your address where we need to deliver your voucher. So no hassle of Registration and remembering another password. However, we do provide an option for you to create an account with us, if you so want to. You will be asked to create a password at the end of your transaction on the Order Confirmation page.


How much are the shipping charges?

Rs.50/- will be charged for shipping & handling for each order.


What is the estimated delivery time?

All orders are delivered in 7 working days from the time the payment is received and verified by our payment gateway partners. The verification typically takes just one day, provied you confirm the transaction with them. Working days exclude public holidays and Sundays.

In case of Electronic Gift Cards (e-GC) it's emailed after 3 working days to the email ID given by you.  

For Special Offers & Promotions please add 3 more working Days to the the Delivery Timeline.


How will the delivery be done?

GiftCardsIndia has partnered with reputed courier companies and all orders are delivered by them in the stipulated time period.

In case of Electronic Gift Cards (e-GC) it's delivered to the email ID given by you.


What is the validity of the Gift Voucher purchased online?

Typically a Gift Voucher is Valid for a period of 6 to 12 months. However, different brands and retailers, at their discretion, may maintain the validity as per their business policy. We suggest you take a look at the Terms of Redemption on our Product Page before Adding to Cart.


Where all are these gift vouchers accepted?

The Gift Vouchers are accepted at the respective retailers or brands outlets only, unless specified otherwise. The Super Card is accepted on www.giftcardsindia.in only.


Do you deliver to locations outside India?

Purchases done on GiftCardIndia are delivered across India. We do not deliver physical vouchers to locations outside India. However, an e-Gift Card has no boundaries and can be delivered to any email ID.


What Payment Options do I have?

You can use any of the Visa / Master / American Express Credit Cards on GiftCardsIndia. We do accept Debit Cards from large set of banks. You can pay using your bank account as well. 


How do I Cancel an Order on GiftCardsIndia.in?

Any order placed on GiftCardsIndia can be cancelled within 24 hours of placing it. You can write into us or call us through our Contact Us link and we will be glad to fulfill your request. However, any request received after we have shipped or processed your order, may not be honored. A cancellation fee of 3% of the order value will be deducted while processing the refund.

In case of e-GiftCards, we may not be able to cancel your order as the delivery of gift voucher is through electronic means.


How do i return a voucher?

1. If you receive a package that is open or looks to have been tampered with, do not accept it. Contact GiftCardsIndia Support on 022 61145454, and we will have the issue quickly resolved.

2. Open packages will be accepted for returns only in cases where an incorrect voucher has been shipped to you.

3. You may return your shipment, in an intact condition, within 7 days of receiving it. We have a policy of no-refund once the item is shipped with the only exception being that an unopened item is returned to us.

4.If you encounter problems while redeeming the voucher at the Brand outlet, do write to us on cs@giftcardsindia.in and we will quickly resolve the issue to your satisfaction.


What do I do in case I receive a spoiled or torn voucher?

If you have received a voucher that is spoiled/torn or incorrect, notify us at the earliest and we will have it taken care of.


What is an e-Gift Card?

Any Gift Card which can be delivered through electronic medium is an e-GiftCard. e-GiftCard is redeemable at the respective brands shopping outlet. It is one of most convenient and preferred gifting option.

GiftCardsIndia has listed many e-GC, you can refer to our e-Gift Cards Category to browse through your favorite brands and gift it to your loved ones.


What is Super Card?

In order to enhance the shopping experience at www.giftcardsindia.in, we have introduced GCI Super Card. A GCI Super Card can be exchanged on www.giftcardsindia.in for original Gift Vouchers from a wide choice of brands.

If you purchase a GCI Super Card, or have been gifted by one, all you need to do is log onto www.giftcardsindia.in, and redeem the value of the Super Card against any brand(s) and number of Gift Cards available on the site, of the same value.

A GCI Super Card can be redeemed on Giftcardsindia.in only. It can be bought online from Giftcardsindia.in and delivered via email.


How can I purchase using Super Card?

You can use a Super Card for all your purchases in 2 simple steps.

Step 1: Log onto www.giftcardsindia.in, and shop for the Gift Cards, totaling up to the value of the GCI Super Card that you have with you

Step 2: Once your shopping cart is ready, move onto the check out. Here you can enter the Super Card number in the space available for Super Card and continue with the Check out.

The purchased gift voucher will be delivered to you in the stipulated time period.


Can I use multiple Super Card for a single order?

You can use one Super Card per order.


Will the Super Card be accepted at Retail outlets?

Super Card can be redeemed on www.giftcardsindia.in at present. It is our endeavor though to provide our customers with the convenience on having it accepted with all our listed brands. We are working on this front and very soon will provide you this convenient payment option.


How do I track my order?

Once you place an order with us we will send you an email confirming your order details to your email id. We keep our customers posted through emails on every stage of the order life cycle. Our support team is available all times to respond to your queries on email or phone. Alternately, you can write in to us at cs@giftcardsindia.in or call us at 022 61145454.

In scenarios where the order has been placed on hold by the payment gateway to authenticate the transaction, we will communicate with you to provide additional documents for authentication. Incase you fail to comply, the order will be cancelled and refunded minus the cancellation fee of 3% of the order value.


Will the Gift Vouchers be gift wrapped?

We surely understand the sensitivity attached to every order placed on GiftCardsIndia and therefore we ensure all the gift vouchers are sent in an attractive gift pack.


  Do you send Sales Invoice along with the order?

We presume you have purchased the Gift Voucher for someone special and definitely do not expect them to receive a Sales Invoice along with the gift. Hence we do not send Sales Invoice to the recipient of the gift, however, an email with the Sales Invoice is sent to the Shoppers email id for reference and future records.


Can I buy in Bulk?

Yes, by all means! Do contact our Corporate Sales team at info@giftcardsindia.in and get your purchase done.