Sell With Us

The “Sell Gift Cards” provides you with the option to sell your “Unused/Unwanted” gift cards.

  • Once you have submitted the registration form our team will review and verify the details to list the gift card.
  • You can only sell genuine unused gift cards with a minimum validity of 15 days on our site.
  • Bank Gift Cards will be listed for selling. 
  • Once you receive an order, we will connect with you for the pickup and delivery of the gift card.
  • Once the Buyer confirms the receipt and validity of the gift cards received, your payment will be processed.
  • Buyer will be able to claim a return of the purchased voucher within 5 working days from the date of delivery for the following reasons - Invalid gift card, damaged gift card, gift card not accepted.
  • GiftCardsIndia will deposit the payment after deducting the service fee to your bank account. The payments will be processed in 10 working days post receiving a confirmation from the buyer.
  • Listing with us is absolutely free. You only pay a commission of 10% on the selling price you list. For detailed Terms & Conditions on Sell with us, click here
  • All the necessary government taxes will be applicable on the commission.
  • For Frequently Asked Questions on Sell with us, click here