Best Friends Forever

I'll Be There For You....

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”My best friend is the one who brings out the best in me”- Henry Ford.

In the short span of his life a man has so many relationships. Born to parents, growing with the siblings, falling in love, and cultivating friendships.

With the growing pace of life and hectic schedule, its very easy to take friends for granted. And why not? You don’t need to give them flowers or gifts. Friendships don’t follow any culturally dictated norms. You just need to be around your friends and they around you. 

To celebrate this Friendship Day which is coming on 7th August, I would like to honor my best friend Priya. The seeds of our friendship was planted 15 years ago and we have watered it to the tree that it has grown in today with our love, laughs, fights, dinners, parties, failures, and endless conversation about- movies, food, books, art, news, technology, music and boys. 

We holidayed together, exchanged jokes on everyone other than us, slept together during classes, during tough times gave each other a shoulder to cry, shared our grand plans about our lives. 

Today, we live in different cities. We have jobs, family and responsibilities. But my friend always stays in my heart, we are always connected. Whatever our schedules and commitments, we always take time out for each other and in today’s world of social media you are practically always connected. 

Its a privilege to have good friends in your life. Friends that make you laugh, friends that care about you and no matter what you do friends never judge you. Such friendships need to be celebrated. 

Send your love to your dear friends and keep your friendships alive. This reminds me, Priya, you love shopping, don’t you? I am sending you a PREZZ gift card. Go crazy!