Don’t know what to gift your loved ones?

Don’t know what to gift your loved ones?

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Here’s why gift cards are an ideal pick.Simply buying cliché gifts for your loved ones on occasions is just not happening. There are a lot of people who receive gifts from somewhere and hand it over to someone else at the right time. Don’t pick a gift that can be easily passed on to someone else. Buying a gift voucher is a smarter idea as it requires thought and doesn’t look routine like all other gifts. However, if you are planning to buy a gift voucher of a particular store, you are restricting the recipient’s choice. The gift voucher is valid for a one time use where the recipient has to use the entire amount whereas a gift card allows you to avail benefits multiple times.

That is why gift cards are an ideal choice. A gift card is just like a debit card which can be loaded with a specific balance ranging from Rs 500 - Rs 10,000. The best part about a gift card is that it can be redeemed for a partial value on multiple occasions. For instance, if you have a gift card worth Rs 1000, you can use it twice for a value of Rs 500 till the validity period.

Basically, there are two types of gift cards- one is the type of card which is only valid for a particular merchant. This type of gift card is valid at a particular store or a chain of stores. The other type of gift card is issued by a bank which can be used across all stores. Gift cards come with a validity ranging from 6 months to one year.

Gift cards are available in select retail outlets but the best place to buy gift cards is You can choose from a wide range of gift cards. Apparels, Electronics, Health & Beauty, Home Decor, Restaurants, take your pick! However, these gift cards are valid for a particular merchant and cannot be redeemed anywhere else.

If you want to provide flexibility to the recipient, you can go for a GCI Super Card which is the perfect alternative to any other gift card. With GCI Super Card, you can buy any gift card from our site of a pre-specified value. You can buy a GCI Super Card well in advance as it comes with a six months validity period. GCI Super Card allows the recipient to choose from a wide range of gifting options available online.