Tips To Make a Christmas Hamper

Tips To Make a Christmas Hamper

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Do you wish to see the special spark in the eyes of your loved ones, when they receive your Christmas hamper? Are you fretting over how to create it? Here is a simple guide to crafting the perfect hamper for your loved ones.

A Step by Step Guide

  1. Look for a wicker basket when you shop for Christmas decorations online.

  2. Now bring in some cute jars and fill them up with the cookies, candies and some jams and jellies. Wrap them up with ribbons and coloured cellophane paper.

  3. Arrange them in one corner of the basket.

  4. Now take the exquisite gifts and hide them beneath these jars and the beddings of the basket.

  5. Get their favourite wine bottle and tie a ribbon over it and arrange it in the corner, along with the jars.

  6. Get a personalized handmade card and write a message and place it over the jars.

  7. Decorate the basket with colourful thermocol balls.

Decorating Ideas

You can get a lush Christmas tree online and browse for shiny Christmas decorations online to complete the set up. You are now ready to do your magic with a few tips and tricks.

  • Coloured cellophane adds a professional touch to the hamper. Additionally, you can blow-dry shrink wrap onto the basket with a hair dryer. You must start from the bottom and work your way up to the top until the cellophane is taut. Now tie a ribbon with a beautiful bold flower or bow on it.

  • Crepe paper and shredded paper can be used to line the bottom of the hamper. You can spark up your hamper by mixing sequins and glitter for a more celebratory feel. Alternatively, you can try different materials like uncoated popcorn.

Deciding Treats for the Guest

Make sure the treats go well with the festivity and the taste buds of your loved ones. Here are some tips that might work for you.

For couples: Keep chocolate lovers satiated with this hamper of sweet treats with heart shaped chocolate truffle or coconut Florentine. You can add a triple chocolate cupcake kit for couples who love to bake together.

For friends: Remember the high moments in life! Bring in some interesting Turkish delight vodka or an exquisite wine. Add a touch of colour with some oranges and spices. You can also add their favourite delicacy, like roast salmon or chicken breast. They are sure to love their treat.

For the younger ones: You can make a cheesy delight for those cute little ones. Try some easy and delicious recipes like crunchy biscuits, spiced beetroot or a fig and walnut slice. Give it a finishing touch with a round of cheese or a baked Camembert kit and you are sure to retain their most favourite person spot for a long time.

Things to Consider When Gifting Wine

  • If you have a budget constraint, opt for an Indian wine that has the best price to quality ratio.

  • If you are not sure of the preference and taste of the person, gift what you like with a note describing the reason for your choice.

  • If you wish to gift something exclusive, opt for Loxarel 109 Gran Reserva 2002, which is a colossal sparkling wine from DO Penedes with very limited production.

  • If you don’t wish to risk it, opt for a wine with a long aging from Rioja or Ribera del Duero. Castillo Ygay Gran Reserva 2005 or Pesquera Reserva Especial 2003 can be an ideal pick.

  • Always gift a magnum bottle, with the capacity of a litre and a half. All the best brands come in this size.

Make sure you plan for all these in advance while you are booking your Christmas tree online.