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Sleepwell E Gift Card

Sleepwell E Gift Card

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Brand and Product Description:- "Sleepwell is a Flagship Brand of Sheela Group that stands for “Personalized Comfort”, a value which we endeavor to build and provide in every product or service, we extend to our esteemed customers. We at Sleepwell continually strive towards attaining a perfect balance between latest technological advancements with the demands and luxuries of the modern consumer. All our products go through a rigorous process of Quality Check to ensure only the best products reach you. Our Products are also
backed by a warranty policy, ensuring complete peace of mind and a delightful ownership experience."

The validity of the E-Gift / Gift Card/Voucher :- 06 Month from the date of Issue
2. If the E-Gift / Gift Card/Voucher can be used multiple times:- No
3. If multiple cards can be used in a single transaction/bill:- Yes
4. If the E-Gift / Gift Card/Voucher is valid during the sale and on discounted items. :- Yes Gift Card is applicable on Sale or on Discounted Products As well.
5. If the E-Gift / Gift Card/Voucher can be used on the website/app/offline store etc.:- Only on APP
6. If the E-Gift / Gift Card/Voucher is valid on certain items only. Eg: It is valid only on some certain experience. :- Applicable on Complete range of Products.

Please Note: Validity of the all the Gift Cards sold during this Monsoon Offer may vary from 1 month to 6 months.

  1. This E-Gift Card will be sent to the email address/Phone number that you provide us, so please ensure that it is a valid email address/Phone number.
  2. Shipping is free for all E-Gift Cards.
  3. The E-Gift Card is usually sent within 3 working days from the time we receive your payment. Activation of the E-Gift Card will take another 24 hrs.

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