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Shalom Float Spa INR 1000 Off Coupon

Shalom Float Spa INR 1000 Off Coupon

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Shalom Float and mind spa is the first dedicated float spa/ centre to open in India at Pune which holds a space that emits positive vibes to encourage personal reflection and growth for effortless relaxation of body and explore true potential of your mind by turning off all external inputs and allow your sympathetic nervous system to slow down like never before. Your relaxed and creative states of mind will flourish as cortical levels are reduced, followed by elevated levels of endorphins and dopamine. All the elements of floating combine to provide you with a well-deserved break and an increase in energy, mindfulness and patience. These are the benefits that apply to everyone, but in addition, you’ll have your own unique experience. Quickly discover your personal benefits within 1 to 3 float sessions.

1.Flat INR 1,000/- Off
2.Prior appointment is mandatory. Hotline No - 7410029351/52
3.Unique code must be displayed to the Shalom representative on arrival at the centre.
4.Payment (of the amount after discount) to be made before the therapy starts.
5.This offer is redeemable at Koregaon Park (Pune) outlet only.
6.Offer not valid on already discounted services.

7.Offer valid till 30th Jun'20,Offers subject to availability/serviceability due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Please Note: Validity of the all the Gift Cards sold during this Monsoon Offer may vary from 1 month to 6 months.

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