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Flipkart E Gift Card

Flipkart E Gift Card

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Online shopping has taken over the world and how! There is no doubt in the fact that in India,Flipkart brought the online shopping revolution. And believe us when we say it, that it has successfully made every person interested in the world of online shopping. There is no doubt in the fact that all love the online shopping site.
Flipkart, ever since its inception has increased the number of products and brands to the maximum. Of course, it has made shopping possible for almost everyone. And it is one crucial reason why people love the site too. There are multiple products people can shop from when it comes to Flipkart. Lifestyle, home, appliances, books and what not? The Flipkart E Gift Card is one of the best options for you. Of course, if you want to gift your loved ones the anything that they will love and cherish forever, then gifting them the Flipkart E Gift Card will make more sense. They can buy whatever they like with the card. There is no doubt in the fact that with the card, they will get to go cashless and will not have to worry about the transaction too. You can also use this card if you want a cashless and a seamless purchase from the sites. Understand, that Flipkart allows you the luxury of secure Shopping already. And with this card, you can make your shopping more enjoyable. So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself a ticket to secure shopping!

  1. Flipkart Gift Cards (GCsGift Cards) are issued by QwikCilver Solutions Pvt. Ltd (Qwikcilver) which is a private limited company incorporated under the laws of India, and is authorized by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to issue such Gift Cards.
  2. The Gift Cards can be redeemed online against Sellers listed on www.flipkart.com or Flipkart Mobile App or Flipkart m-site (Platform) only.
  3. Gift Cards can be purchased on www.flipkart.com or Flipkart Mobile App using the following payment modes only - Credit Card, Debit Card and Net Banking.
  4. Gift Cards can be redeemed by selecting the payment mode as a Gift Card. Gift Card payment option is not available for a single order with multiple sellers.
  5. Gift Cards cannot be used to purchase other Flipkart Gift Cards or Flipkart First subscriptions.
  6. Gift Cards cannot be used to make bulk purchases on the Platform.
  7. If the order value exceeds the Gift Card amount, the balance must be paid by Credit Card/Debit Card/Internet Banking. Cash on Delivery payment option cannot be used to pay the balance amount.
  8. If the order value is less than the amount of the Gift Card, the outstanding balance (after deduction of order value) will reflect under the same Gift Card and can be used for subsequent transactions.
  9. Gift Cards will expire after 12 months from the date of issue, and any corresponding unused balance shall be forfeited after that.
  10. Gift Cards cannot be redeemed for Cash or Credit.
  11. You are solely responsible for the safety and security of the Gift Cards. Flipkart.com/QwikCilver Solutions are not responsible for any acts of omission or commission if Gift Card is lost, stolen or used without permission.
  12. Once the Gift Card has been sent to you, you are bound to protect the Gift Card PIN or Gift Card number as confidential. In the event of any misuse of Gift Card due to loss of any such confidential details due to the fault of the purchaser, Flipkart/ QwikCilver Solutions Pvt. Ltd shall not be responsible for the same and no refund can be issued.
  13. You can combine a maximum of 15 Gift Cards in a single order at the time of checkout. In case you wish to redeem more number of Gift Cards on a single order, please add your Gift Cards to the Wallet.
  14. Flipkart.com/QwikCilver Solutions assume no responsibility for the products purchased using the Gift Cards and any liability thereof is expressly disclaimed.
  15. Validity of Gift Cards cannot be extended; new Gift Cards cannot be provided against the expired/unused Gift Cards.
  16. Gift Cards once purchased, cannot be canceled by the Purchaser. Any cancellations shall be at the sole discretion of Flipkart/Qwikcilver.
  17. You can only purchase 100 Gift Cards in a single month, and aggregate value of Gift Cards purchased cannot be more than Rs. 100,000/- (Rupees One Lac only) in a month. Purchases exceeding these limits shall be cancelled automatically
  18. Qwikcilver/Flipkart reserves the right to cancel the Gift Cards if the same has been found to be purchased with fraudulent means. In such cases, the funds shall be credited back to the same source from where these were received.
  19. In the event the beneficiary/Know Your Customer (KYC) details as per RBI Guidelines are found to be incorrect/insufficient, Flipkart.com/QwikCilver Solutions retain the right to cancel the Gift Card issued.
  20. You agree and understand that Gift Cards are a pre-paid payment Instrument subjected to regulations by RBI Under the RBI guidelines, Flipkart/ QwikCilver Solutions Pvt. Ltd may be required to share KYC details of the purchaser/ redeemer of the Gift Card and any other information with relation to the purchase of the Gift Cards and/or transaction undertaken using the Gift Card with RBI or such statutory authorities. Flipkart/ QwikCilver Solutions Pvt. Ltd may contact the purchaser/redeemer of the Gift Card for any such information.
  21. There is no fee or other charges associated with Gift Card purchase.
  22. Gift Cards cannot be reloaded or resold.

Please Note: Validity of the all the Gift Cards sold during this Monsoon Offer may vary from 1 month to 6 months.

  1. This E-Gift Card will be sent to the email address/Phone number that you provide us, so please ensure that it is a valid email address/Phone number.
  2. Shipping is free for all E-Gift Cards.
  3. The E-Gift Card is usually sent within 3 working days from the time we receive your payment. Activation of the E-Gift Card will take another 24 hrs.

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