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Bhakti E Gift Card

Bhakti E Gift Card

Shemaroo Entertainment Limited is a leading Indian content power house with global reach, which has been playing a pioneering role in the arena of content ownership, aggregation and distribution
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About Shemaroo Bhakti App:


Shemaroo Bhakti App aims to be the one stop destination for all the spiritual and religious needs of devotees. With a carefully curated bouquet of content & services, we aim to bring the users closer to their devotion.

Shemaroo Bhakti gives you easy access to

  • Book Prasad and Mannat from famous temples
  • Get Pooja done easily through one click
  • Order from a wide variety of Devotional products
  • Watch live feed from Popular Temples
  • Enjoy unlimited hours of Aartis, Bhajans, Stotras, Mantras, Documentaries, Discourses


What you get in pro version:

Gift Voucher @ 999

  • Ads free experience.
  • Premium Video contents.
  • Premium Audio contents.
  • Unlock live streaming from famous temples.
  • 12 free Mannat.
  • 20% off on Prasad.

Terms and Conditions.

  • Within 90 days gift voucher should be redeemed.
  • User need to login with valid email ID before validating coupon.
  • If user clear app cache or uninstall or change device then again user has to login with previously enter email id and again enter coupon code.
  • Once coupon is redeemed cannot be used on other device. To use it on other device, users have to uninstall previous app and then again do same process.
  • Gift voucher cannot be used multiple times, once redemption done in app it will be blocked.
  • Validity of voucher will start from the day of redemption.
  • Gift voucher is only valid on Shemaroo Bhakti App - http://bit.ly/ShemarooBhaktii


Please Note: Validity of the all the Gift Cards sold during this Monsoon Offer may vary from 1 month to 6 months.

  1. This E-Gift Card will be sent to the email address/Phone number that you provide us, so please ensure that it is a valid email address/Phone number.
  2. Shipping is free for all E-Gift Cards.
  3. The E-Gift Card is usually sent within 3 working days from the time we receive your payment. Activation of the E-Gift Card will take another 24 hrs.

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