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Perfect for Corporate Gifting, Customer Loyalty Programs, Employee Engagement

Why Choose Gift Cards India?

Corporate gifting solutions to reward your employees, recognize your clients, or strengthen a marketing plan.

Freedom of Choice

Pilfer Proof

Instant Delivery

Corporate Support


Gifts For Every Occasion

Corporate gifting solutions
  • Best option for corporate gifting
  • Customized and co-branded solutions
  • Best value on bulk orders
Rewards & Recognitions
  • Vivid choices of brands for employees
  • Increase your employee engagement
  • Easy & simple redemption of gift cards
Loyalty Solutions
  • Cost effective method of customer retention
  • Traceability of customer data
  • Know your customer's buying trends
Channel Partnerships
  • Leverage your platform for business/solutions through gift cards
  • API driven solutions for real-time delivery
  • Affiliate partnerships with our white label solutions
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Corporate Gifting can become quite tricky, simply due to the large magnitude of recipients and with each recipient having her or his own preferences.

 It is difficult, if not impossible to find the perfect gift for each of the employees within an organization. That is why, Swych Gift Cards India is one of the best solutions while choosing the perfect gift. With an impressive variety of gift cards from top brands as well as our fail-safe Swych Gift Cards, you can be sure about the joy and satisfaction that your gift would provide!

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