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Whether you are watching a movie or having dinner at a restaurant, it is all about a lovely experience. Experiential gift cards are best suited to those who love amazing experiences. Watching a movie at home is fun but watching an action flick in a multiplex with Dolby surround sound is an experience in itself. Experiential gift cards are meant for those special occasions when you want your loved one to have a great time. Experiential gift cards include candle light meal gift cards, gaming parlour gift cards, adventure sport gift cards, brunch gift cards, spa gift cards byITC Kaya Kalp, XoXo, Indus Grill and more. Gift Cards India offer Experiential gift cards to suit every occasion and budget. Experiential gift cards are ideal as wedding gifts as they mostly have an experience for two like a getaway for 2 or a candle light dinner for 2. If any of your friends are getting married, an experiential gift card is the perfect gifting idea. There is no better place than Gift Cards India to choose the best gift cards. If you are unable to decide on a particular experiential gift card, you can buy a GCI Super Card and let the recipient pick a gift card of their choice.